Action Ranger Timmy (actionranger) wrote,
Action Ranger Timmy

Maybe I should pay attention more.

New episodes of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya are airing and being posted on Youtube.


Of course to make it a million times more difficult to figure out:

When the show was originally aired episodes were shown out of chronological order, so the first episode aired was actually the eleventh episode chronologically. When everything was released on DVD the episodes were reordered to be chronological because nothing was really added by shuffling the order, but since a number of the stories were self-contained it wasn't that bad.

They're rerunning the original 14 episodes now, this time in chronological order. But they're also adding 14 NEW episodes intermixed with the old episodes so that all stories progress in proper chronological order. So far eps 8, 12 & 13 are new. That's actually pretty cool, because it means that during the first part of the run it's mostly old episodes with the occasional new one, but during the second half of the run it'll be the other way.

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